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Erich solo.
Sugar on the saw.
Erin on the backing vocals.
Kenneth Pattengale
Daniel on the bass.
Liz Pappademas
Erich solo.
Sugar on the vibes.
Dark Ensemble.
Loose Ensemble.

Erich Von Kneip is a songwriter/musician compelled to fraternizing with the darker corners of his inspirations. He learned his musical craft travelling the world and playing as a sideman with various musicians, hucksters, bums and go-go dancers; but turned to songwriting as a means of coping with “life’s tendency to veer off course, out of our control, and into certain oblivion”. His debut CD "A Collection of Abject Musings" is performed by a small ensemble consisting of acoustic guitar, contrabass, vibraphone, violin, trumpet, mandolin, cello, and various percussion instruments. It explores the usual timeless themes of heartbreak, loneliness, isolation and autopsies, yet places them in a luscious setting of dimly-lit noir.

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